How to Protect Your New iPhone

A quick post to follow up on my last post, Top 10 Tips for New iPhone Users:

My quick recommendations for how to protect your new phone:

1. Buy and use a case.  I know many people (myself included) who have dropped an iPhone in a case and their phone has survived.  I also know many others who have dropped their phone without a case and have a shattered phone as a result.  It’s definitely a personal preference, but I think it’s worth the investment/tradeoff.  Some cases I like:

Case-Mate – I like the Gelli cases (about $20).

Incase – I like the slider case (about $35). (20% off Incase at Moxie today:

2. Buy a warranty.  I recommend Squaretrade. They have a deal that ends today for 35% off their usual price for the new Verizon iPhone.   You can review their comparison vs. Apple Care and Verizon’s terrible scam of cell-phone insurance.  I think Squaretrade is the best option, although Apple Care is not a bad choice either.

3. As I wrote in my last post, make sure to pay attention to security: Lifehacker has a great post on this.  Passcodes and related settings are also subject to personal preference/debate but I definitely recommend activating the free find/erase feature for your phone. Here is how. Overall, just remember that you’re really carrying around a $700-$800 device in your hand/pocket (that’s the unsubsidized price you’ll have to pay if you lose it or it gets stolen…) So be careful.

Anything else I missed?  For those with a new iPhone, enjoy it!

2 responses to “How to Protect Your New iPhone

  1. Hey Ron, thanks for the tips. So far my VZ iPhone is great.

    What do you think about screen protectors? They seem to me to be overkill, but am I going to regret that?

    • Happy to help. I never have used a screen protector. I actually got a free one for my first iPhone but never put it on. I don’t like the feel of it. I have never had a scratch on my iPhone and I don’t do anything special to protect the screen other than a case.

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