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iPad Follow-up

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Unfortunately I haven’t blogged in a while, I aim to remedy that….

I wanted to follow-up on my iPad post now that I’ve had a while to think about it and that it’s almost out now.  There were a lot of people criticizing the critics of the iPad and basically calling them geeks that were too obsessed with features and miss the point of the transformative nature of the device.  They specifically pointed to the early critics of the iPhone who were adamant about some missing features.  I thought this was a somewhat justified criticism and point and decided to examine it.  I remember those critics and the associated missing features, as I was one who lamented those features and thus waited to buy the 2nd generation (3G) iPhone.

Initial things that bugged me about the iPhone:

– At&t Network – had terrible reputation even then

– No 3G data

– No removable battery (worried about replacing after deprecated battery life)

– Completely closed platform (no 3rd party apps at all)

– No physical keyboard

So some of those concerns were addressed in the release of the 3G and some I learned to live with (e.g. keyboard). However, those issues that remain are still some of the most frustrating things about the iPhone, frustrating enough to make me consider Android for my next phone:

– At&t Network

– Battery life is terrible

– Platform is still controlled by Apple – hence Google Maps is crippled (no turn by turn directions for example) and no Google Voice

So, while the argument has some merit, I’m not sure that the criticisms from my original post should be dismissed offhand.  With all its faults and frustrations, the iPhone has transformed the world of mobile and computing, and my own life as well. I’m not yet convinced that the iPad will be such a transformative device, but remain open to seeing how it plays out.  I was certainly much more excited about the iPhone even though its initial feature issues kept me from buying one for a full year until the 3G came out.

My biggest gripes with the iPad are:

1. Seems that the iPad will be awkward to hold/use while typing and perhaps even just while passively reading/watching.

2. I still can’t decide which device this would replace for me.  Since the answer right now is none and most people don’t have tons of spare cash laying around these days, unconvinced about widespread adoption.

Certainly early demand for pre-orders and associated hype show that there are a good number of people who are anxious to try it.  I’m anxious to see how they like it and will adjust my opinions when I see/try it in real life.

What do you think? Are you ordering one?

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