More Shenanigans from Att and Verizon

Can’t believe it took me this long to get this posted/written but better late than never.

Last weekend, I walked outside and saw this unbelievable site.  (read from right to left). These were mobile billboard trucks driving down Market Street in San Francisco.

At&t seemingly decided that instead of spending money upgrading its [self-admittedly] woeful network, it would actually spend money advertising how great/fast its network was? In a city where its CEO acknowledged that the network sucks? If it wasn’t so infuriating and sad, it would be funny. Now in fairness, At&t did announce this week that they’re upgrading their networks to faster speeds. Oh – except only in “Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami.”  Yet neither San Francisco or New York, their self-acknowledged most constrained (i.e. sucky) networks are on that list.

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Verizon’s CTO took an opportunity to chastise the “bandwidth hogs” that offend him by liking his service so much. As such, Verizon plans to meter usage with their 4G LTE network.

“The problem we have today with flat-based usage is that you are trying to encourage customers to be efficient in use and applications, but you are getting some people who are bandwidth hogs using gigabytes a month and they are paying something like megabytes a month,” Lynch said in an interview with the Washington Post. “That isn’t long-term sustainable. Why should customers using an average amount of bandwidth be subsidizing bandwidth hogs?”

Now to me, this is a matter of philosophy. I don’t deny that having usage tiers or usage based pricing may be a better solution to existing flat-rate plans. However, how about thinking about it in the realm of offering new faster, higher throughput plans to the most demanding/valuable customers for an increased price instead of punishment for “bandwidth hogs”. Seriously, since when did bandwidth become a conservationists cause?  Verizon and At&t need to wake up and be grateful for those of us that use their network and stop alienating us.

(ed note – it’s really annoying that WordPress can’t handle an “&” in its title.  Maybe it’s an At&t conspiracy?)

4 responses to “More Shenanigans from Att and Verizon

  1. i love how people make verizon out to be the angel wireless carrier. please…they all suck. i hope the iPhone goes on verizon, then everyone moves over for the “better” network, and then they’re all screwed, and my iPhone will work perfectly 🙂

    the fact is, wireless carriers are, and have always been, pitiful compared to the rest of the world. about time one of them comes to work one of these days.

    but maybe google will fix all our problems! 😉

  2. Keith – definitely agree that Verizon is far from an angel. However I do think that they prioritize their network more than other carriers, which makes them slightly less terrible. Their attitude and ignorant arrogance though is at least as bad as At&t’s, if not worse. Maybe if market forces continue, Google or Apple will just buy one of the carriers and just fix it themselves….

  3. “Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami” are the only ones testing out the new service – they’re not the ones left off the list. And only “select users” are allowed to test out those high speeds.

    Pretty funny ad for the city w/ the crappiest ATT service.

  4. Kenny – thanks, missed an “only” in that sentence, just added it, realize it didn’t read clearly….

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