What is the name of this decade?

As New Years 2010 approaches,  I have to confess that I’ve been worrying about (maybe fretting or wondering are better words) what people would call this decade (200-2009) since 1997 or so. Attesting to the poor quality of the internet back then, which I searched, I even enlisted the help of the NYC Public Library research department at the time (seriously).  I remember that they presented the following options:

– Aughties/Oughties

– Naughties/Noughties

Now these sound just as silly and impossibly British now as they did then, don’t they?  I asked the question on Q&A service Aardvark, yielding the same suggestions.  I asked on Twitter , which yielded deafening silence.  Searching the web doesn’t yield anything new although one wonders what to search for. Seems newscasters/radio personalities say “this decade” or “the 2000s”, but can those work long term? Wikipedia says “Unlike previous decades such as “The Fifties”, “The Seventies”, and “The Nineties”, the 2000s never attained a universally accepted name in the English-speaking world”.

So what will people refer to this decade as in the future? There must be something that will catch on? Please contribute ideas in the comments. Amazing that almost 13 years later and I still have no good answer. Maybe I should call the NY Public library again?

4 responses to “What is the name of this decade?

  1. no biggie – the naughties; but ron – did ya have some fun in the last decade; stop your worrying over the trivial; tie one on and get out in amongst it with your dancing shoes for the last 8-days or so…

  2. @Nick – You’re a bit biassed on the term as an Aussie! You must know that the worrying part is tongue and cheek :), I do find it curious though. Of course the decade was fun amongst other adjectives! Don’t worry – I’ll be dancing!

  3. Easy. The oh’s.

  4. love the oh’s!

    also important, what do you call 2010….twenty ten or two thousand ten (or the incorrect english two thousand and ten).


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